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Hearts of Iron IV Airforce is getting a mini rework

Published: 05:47, 24 May 2022
Paradox Interactive
New 3D Soviet airplane models
New 3D Soviet airplane models

The focus on air changes have mostly revolved around quality of life and balance changes to existing systems, while largely maintaining the structures people are familiar with.

Starting off with a QoL change there is Simplified Wing Deployment. Anyone who has experience with managing air wings probably has some complaints about how deploying wings works. In the best case, the live system requires three clicks to deploy a single wing into an empty airbase.

In the worst case, this requires more clicks and doing some math to create a large wing that can later be divided evenly. Now, Paradox are adding quick deploy buttons to the airbase UI to allow the deployment of a wing in a single click. Devs are also keeping the old deployment menu for more advanced deployment options.

Paradox Interactive Hearts of Iron 4 Hearts of Iron 4

One of the most visible changes to air management, and hopefully a big quality of life improvement for most people, is the addition of Air Groups. Those are not Army Groups or Fleets, however. For now, and in the foreseeable future, devs are not adding Air Marshals or any sort of mechanical impact to using Air Groups.

Air Groups are an organizational structure and nothing more. What it will do is enable the grouping and selection of multiple air wings across multiple location bases for easier management. These groups will be displayed when in the air map mode so that you do not have to hunt down your wings on the map when you want to interact with them.

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