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Hearts of Iron IV Italy Rework Brings Two New Leaders to Light

Published: 00:54, 07 July 2022
Paradox Interactive
HOI IV - Italo Balbo
HOI IV - Italo Balbo

It wasn’t until 1943 that Mussolini was finally ousted from power. Up until then, there was almost no way of removing Mussolini from power. The rework asks what would happen if that were possible, and who would take over?

The first potential leader is a member of the fascist part, by the name Italo Balbo. At one point in time, he was seen as a rival to Mussolini and the obvious heir to take over from him. He died in an accident involving friendly fire, but not this time though!

Balbo has two unique paths available to him; one focuses on the reorganization and modernization of Italy’s army and airforce. During the 20’s Balbo was appointed head of the Airforce, the Regia Aeronautica, and made headlines as an aviator. 

Under him, the Aeronautica became a world-class airforce, all of which is represented in his starting Leader Trait. While he was convinced that Italy’s future lay in the skies, he also had ambitions to reform Italy’s army; to make it a more mobile and motorized force.

He was also part of the formation of the Saharan auto-aviation Companies, a long-range motorized reconnaissance unit with its own aircraft attached to it. All of this manifests itself when you have to choose between Reorganize Regio Esercito and Reinforce Regia Aeronautica; basically choosing to invest in either the army or the airforce since Italy’s resources still are scarce.

Paradox Interactive HOI IV - Dino Grandi HOI IV - Dino Grandi

On the other hand, we have Dino Grandi, who takes a more diplomatic approach, and was the crucial part in deposing Mussolini. One of Grandi’s exclusive paths is open to be pursued as soon as he’s made the new country leader is seeking bilateral agreements with either France or the UK. Since he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and sought after an alliance with the UK, you can now deepen the relationship with either country.

With Seek British Military Cooperation you can approach the UK, seeking a joint military program where you share naval and air research with each other - which will boost your research in respective area.

If on the other hand, you wish to seek closer relationships with France through Invite France to a Military Program, you will get a boost in infantry and tank research. Both of these make Italy strong in something other than diplomacy.

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