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Here's a trailer for Bloodborne reimagined as animated series

Published: 13:39, 18 October 2021
Updated: 13:40, 18 October 2021
Bloodborne animated series - Moon presence boss fight
Bloodborne animated series - Moon presence boss fight

If you ever wondered how Bloodborne would look like if someone decided to make it into an animated series, a 2D/3D artist Anthony Berardo has the answer.

Artist Anthony Berardo has shared a spectacular trailer for the Bloodborne animated series. The trailer is of course fan-made and there is no Bloodborne animated series in production (at least not officially) but at least we get to see how such a project could actually look like if someone decides to make it, one day. 

Check out the trailer below: 

The art style is very similar to Samurai Jack, which we don't mind at all but some Bloodborne fans would perhaps prefer something like Castlevania. 

The trailer showcases many Bloodborne characters, locations, bosses and enemies and our favourite one is the Moon Presence, which we had to use as a header image. It just looks too cool. Here are some additional shots of the Hunter and creatures of Yharnam. 

bloodborne animated series The Hunter looks cool

AJB/Twitter screenshot of bloodborne animated series The good old Blood Vials

AJB/Twitter bloodborne anime shot You know that wearing cone-shaped metal hats is a bad idea, right?

While the overall art style of the trailer is not as serious and dark as the actual game, we think it suits the setting pretty nicely and offers a different perspective at From Software's masterpiece. 

Now, this all looks cool and Bloodborne fans would probably be ecstatic to get such a series but don't get your hopes up. Sony, who own the IP, have never even hinted that they could expand the Bloodborne franchise into TV series, which is a darn shame.

With so many talented people in the industry, Bloodborne would certainly get the love it deserves but unfortunately, it's not up to them. 

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