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Bloodborne modders finally fix the Cleric Beast shortcut door

Published: 12:36, 27 July 2021
Lance McDonald
Bloodborne modders have finally fixed the Cleric Beast shortcut
Bloodborne modders have finally fixed the Cleric Beast shortcut

More than six years after the release of Bloodborne, modders have finally managed to restore the Cleric Beast shortcut door, which was cut from the original game.

When it comes to cut content, Bloodborne is one of the most interesting FromSoftware games. Revealed by Soulsborne content creator VaatiVidya and  modder Lance McDonald , there are unused locations, boss arenas, enemies and much much more to be found in Bloodborne once you start digging through files. 

Another unused piece of content in Bloodborne is a certain shortcut to Cleric Beast. If you are a hardcore Bloodborne fan you probably know about the mysterious locked door that connects Central Yharnam with the Cathedral Ward, allowing players to quickly reach the Cleric Beast boss fight.

The door was unlocked by Lance McDonald three years ago but sadly, it was not functional since there was an invisible barrier preventing players from using it. However, modder Garden of Eyes has finally managed to fix the door, making them completely functional. 

As you can see in the video embedded above, the previously unused path to Cleric Beast is now working with minor loading issues. The modder state that they had to make a lot of adjustments in the game files, maps and collisions to allow the shortcut to work.

The loading times are not perfect but the mod can be further optimised, says modder. Also, there's a neat little addition in the fog wall in case the player has not defeated the game's easiest boss. 

All in all, this is some spectacular work by the modding community once again, which makes us wonder, what kind of cool stuff we would get if Bloodborne was on PC. Hopefully, we'll find that out pretty soon. Fingers crossed for those Bloodborne Remastered rumours.

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