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Rumour: Bloodborne Remaster is coming to PS5 and Epic Games Store

Published: 08:20, 23 November 2020
BB Fandome
screenshot of Bloodborne showing Cainhurst Beast Horse
Bloodborne - Cainhurst Beast Horse that was cut from the game

According to the leaker who first revealed that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC, Bloodborne Remaster is set to release on both PlayStation 5 and PC via Epic Games Store.

Rumours about Bloodborne Remaster just won't go away no matter what. Over the course of 2020, we got several leaks and rumours suggesting that an enhanced version of Bloodborne is set to be revealed and released very soon but each time, these unconfirmed reports were sadly wrong.

Today, we have another hint that the game is indeed real and this hint is coming from the same person who leaked Horizon Zero Dawn PC version. The leaker tweeted that Bloodborne Remaster is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Game Store.

However, the leaker made it clear that this is just his opinion and not some insider info which is quite interesting. It's possible that the source told the leaker to not release the information as a leak and share it as an opinion instead. The tweet containing the information has been deleted in the meantime.

FromSoftware Bloodborne promotional image showing the game's protagonist in a black leather coat in the dark city streets. Bloodborne

Additionally, some players noticed that a certain Bloodborne page on Facebook updated its cover photo but we've found out that this page is not the official Bloodborne page and the update cover photo is of the Game of the Year Edition, not some new artwork.

Last but not least, a renown hardware leaker RedGamingTech says he heard from a reliable source that Bloodborne Remaster exists and it's coming to PS5 and PC.

Of course, you should take everything you just read with a grain of salt just like any other rumour, leak or unconfirmed info until FromSoftware officially reveal the game.


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