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Bloodborne cut content video shows Doll alpha version, unused dialogue and more

Published: 11:39, 11 March 2021
Bloodborne screenshot showing the Doll
Bloodborne - Doll

PlayStation modder Lance McDonald has shared a new Bloodborne video, showcasing more early content that didn't end up in the final version. This time, he managed to find some unused dialogue and alternative voice actress for the Doll.

If you're a big Bloodborne fan you probably know that plenty of content was cut from the game during the development including various enemy designs but also some bosses. A well-known PlayStation modder Lance McDonald already showcased the first set of content that was not in the final version and today, McDonald released another video, showcasing some additional stuff that was removed.

This time, it's all about Bloodborne's iconic character The Doll. The video showcases a different voice, different lines of dialogue that we have never heard before. 

"During development, the Doll once had an entirely different voice and different lines of dialogue that have never been heard 'til now! I restored them all made a video showcasing the result in detail," McDonald explained.

The lines that McDonald showcases in the video were not only deleted from the game before it shipped, but they were also even missing from the alpha test version which made it a lot tougher to recover these. 

Interestingly, some content gives us a different perspective to the game's lore as its explained in the video, which you can check out below for all lines of dialogue and alternative voice actress:

 For the earlier video, which showcases enemy types and more, check out Lance's YouTube channel.

Bloodborne is available exclusively on PlayStation 4. 

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