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Dolls in FromSoftware's Deracine hinting at Bloodborne 2

Published: 20:28, 07 November 2018
picture showing charachter from bloodborne walking towards a lighthouse

FromSoftware's latest VR title Deracine has released just yesterday and some players have already found pretty interesting easter eggs like dolls performing Bloodborne gestures, which suggest a possible sequel could be in the making.

It looks like FromSoftware have left a cheeky little hint in their new game Deracine suggesting that a possible Bloodborne sequel could come sooner than expected. Posted on the ResetEra forums, a gif shows player holding a doll, whose arms appear to perform the popular "Make Contact" gesture that also can be found as an emote in Bloodborne.

When examined, The Fiona doll shows a mysterious note which mentions the unfinished tale. "A doll of the stone girl Fiona who appears in the unfinished tale. When a person has a bad dream, Fiona appears and help them flee," is written in the note. 

We're not done with mysterious dolls just yet, as players found another one named Seafaring Sage with a similar "unfinished tale" message. The note is what got players into thinking that this could be FromSoftware's way of teasing the new Bloodborne game.

Another possible clue is found in the book titled Blood and Bones with a font style that players found particularly interesting as it resembles the font found in Bloodborne. The same book mentions warriors with blood-covered faces and weapons diffused with the blood of gods.

Wheater FromSoftware are just messing around or these clues are actually legit Bloodborne 2 references remains to be seen. Since Deracine released just yesterday, we'll probably see more speculation as players explore and progress throughout the game.

Amazing Komaru picture showing a doll from Deracine game performing Bloodborne emote Doll performing Bloodborne emote

Earlier this year, Bloodborne 2 popped up on the Amazon Italy listing alongside a new Splinter Cell game but we wouldn't take this one to be trustworthy since the online retailer is known for putting in release dates as placeholders for games that haven't been announced yet.

FromSoftware are currently focusing on the upcoming Souls like RPG Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The release date for the brand new IP is set for 22 March 2019, so it's pretty unlikely we'll get any info about Bloodborne 2 in the upcoming months.

Deracine, a PS4 VR game by the creators of Dark Souls

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