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Hearts of Iron 4 expansion adds railway guns and more

Published: 03:12, 24 November 2021
Paradox Interactive
Hearts of Iron 4
Hearts of Iron 4

Paradox introduced the latest expansion for Hearts of Iron 4 that brings along plethora of new features and it is accompanied by a free update that should make the game better for everyone.

No Step Back expansion has arrived to Hearts of Iron 4 and it will heavily feature countries of Eastern Europe and set you back $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.49, should you decide to buy it.

While the expansion will technically feature more than one country, many of them were part of the Soviet Union at the time and will, therefore, be incorporated in the faction.

Some of the key features include the Soviet and Polish national focuses, with the former being full of distrust and betrayal while the latter will be more about reforming the government through various means such as forcing a military rule, striking a deal with the devil, being subservient or actually creating a proper government that doesn't rely on any of those.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will get alternate history paths each of their own but they will also be able to share one between the three countries. 

Armies will get access to the Officer Corps that allow relying on the talents of the available officers in order to take advantage of changes in technology and tactics while Army Spirit will allow you to give more character to your military. 

While the Gustav is perhaps the most well-known railway gun today, it was far from the only one during World War 2 era. As such, factions will gain access to this powerful artillery with the expansion, allowing players to deal with entrenched foes and fortified positions.

Regardless of whether you bought the expansion or not, it is getting deployed alongside an update that will apply to everyone. The update should improve the experience of the players through the new supply and logistics systems as well as numerous quality of life changes.

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