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Hearts of Iron IV add new achievements with the No Step Back update

Published: 05:42, 11 November 2021
Paradox Interactive
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Operation Barbarossa is coming soon, and with it there are some changes to the achievements. Namely, achieving the impossible has now become not just possible, but encouraged.

As we close in on wrapping up this major operation, code-named Barbarossa, before winter falls, today there is talk about the new achievements that will be added with the release of No Step Back.

As far as the process is concerned, Paradox usually have an open list of achievement suggestions during the whole DLC development cycle. Near the end of the cycle, they take a vote on what achievements they want to see in the game, after eliminating any that would be technically impossible, and start the process of implementing them and ordering art.

For No Step Back, Paradox started with a list of 49 suggestions, and whittled it down to 20 Achievements, of which some more interesting are:

  • No more Partitions: As Poland, be independent and ensure that both Germany and the USSR are either in your faction or don’t exist.
  • Habsburgs. Habsburgs everywhere: As Poland, install a Habsburg monarch and be in a faction with another Habsburg monarch.
  • The Pope? How many Divisions does he have?: As the USSR, take Rome.
  • This is going to be LIT: As Lithuania, hold the capitals of all of your neighbors.
  • One Step Forward: As the Soviet Union, declare war on Poland and Germany before Germany attacks Poland.
  • Crusader Kings III: As Poland, crown a Monarch and capture Jerusalem.

Paradox Interactive New 3D Soviet airplane models Hearts of Iron IV - New 3D Soviet airplane models

All of these, and more, await in the No Step Back expansion, also known as Operation Barbarossa. Some are interesting, while some seem impossible, such as the Lithuania one. In any case, they do give us some good goals.

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