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Hearts of Iron 4 dev diary brings gameplay improvements and updates

Published: 14:38, 09 June 2021
Paradox Interactive
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Paradox Interactive games are ones for the ages. Played for years after release, the secret that makes them so resistant to time is constant optimization and updates. In this article, we bring you the newest improvements and fixes.

The most recent developer diary introduces certain updates and changes that are centered on quality of life improvements. Though the changes are not groundbreaking, they are aimed at fan-issued grievances regarding certain in-game features and interactions.

Starting off with templates, it is now possible to mark decommissioned ones. They will no longer show in the list, and the same can be used on divisions but with the caveat of not being able to switch to one until it is recommissioned. Also, it is now possible to reorganize the list of templates using drag and drop, making it easier to handle the influx of information that is ever-present in HoI4.

Speaking of organizing and information influx, further changes have been made to combat this phenomenon. Army controls are added to the army list, making for more dynamic gameplay. The controls include, but are not limited to, division templates, sorting lists and a not yet revealed button, for which some fans theorize is mechanic and not QoL related.

Industry-wise, the state's bonuses are now colorized, to have a better perspective when planning your industrial development. Also, a "select all" button has been added in regards to stockpile lend leases. No longer is it necessary to look up the exact number to type in when attempting to move all of your stockpiles of a certain material.

And the last, but definitely not the least, are the pop-ups. An issue that has been plaguing players for years is the issue of war spam. Hearts of Iron 4, a game set during WWII, is rife with war and conflict. But experienced players, and those who understand even a modicum of diplomacy, can reasonably expect in advance which country will join which faction, and need not be bombarded with multiple pop-ups when starting a war.

Paradox Interactive Notification comparison new vs old Notification comparison new vs old

Especially not when starting a war, so the changes made are geared toward minimizing this issue with a single notification including the list of countries and sides which they have taken, instead of a notification for every, single, one.

All in all, these changes can be expected to streamline the gameplay and do away with some unnecessary, missing, or simply old features.

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