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Harry Potter game leaks out after Warner Bros' NDA oversight

Published: 20:08, 03 October 2018
Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix key art
Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix

It seems that one of the Warner Bros slipped up because an NDA oversight led to a new Harry Potter game being leaked to the press ahead of time and although Harry's YouTube showing was taken down, there's still a few gifs to tell the tale.

The user in question claims to have been overlooked during NDA signing, which means he can talk about it all he wants. Of course, we've received some additional info at the same time, making it seem more like a controlled release of information but okay, we'll play along.

Apparently, we're talking about a 3rd person perspective, open-world, action RPG. As you'd expect, the game has players as Hogwarts students and the storyline should fit the game's progression well - you practice, get better and practice again.

You can choose among 8 different types of wizards and has a "magic system that creates countless possibilities to master magic". By the way, I sure hope these "possibilities" don't include loot boxes.

Your arrival coincides with strange things in Forbidden Forest, so it falls upon your noob behind to join Elezar Fig in figuring it out. Players will be visiting locations drawn from the lore as well as brand new ones, specifically created for the game.

The video showing the Harry Potter game was taken down from YouTube by Warner Bros. The reason is, surprise surprise, copyright infringement, but you can still get a healthy tease over . As you can see, all the usual suspect spells are there and although it seems like it's in final stages of development, it's still hard to tell with certainty.

We suppose the game's popularity should soften the Bros to show more. I mean, the cat's already out of the bag, although we're still in the dark in terms of the developer. Of the names being tossed around, Rocksteady and Avalanche are the likely names behind the game, at least from the usual suspects repertoire.

Niantic Harry Potter: Wizards Unite key art Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Rocksteady confirmed to Eurogamer that they're not working on a Harry Potter game, which would leave Avalanche as the likeliest option.

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