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Halo: MCC delays February beta test for new map and custom game browser

Published: 16:50, 19 February 2021
Fortnite - Master Chief texture datamined from the Kratos Pak
Fortnite - Master Chief texture datamined from the Kratos Pak

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was meant to commence beta testing for some new content tomorrow, but 343 Industries ran into some difficulties and will delay the plan slightly.

The news comes from 343 Industries' dev Tyler Davis, who gave fans a heads up ahead of the testing. 

"Hey All, we have a handful of Ring 3 blockers for the next public flight. The team is heads down on these and we are looking to next week as our new starting point for this month’s flight. More details will come in tomorrow's MCC Dev & Flighting Update", he wrote. 

The Halo: MCC he's referring to was meant to start on February 18, but as you can see, we'll have to wait a bit longer. 

According to the plan, the test was meant to cover the custom game browser, some Season 6 content as well as a new map for Halo 3 from Halo Online. 

Also scheduled for testing was support for FOV sliders on Xbox consoles, which includes preventing FOV lock on Xbox Series X when set at 120Hz, double keybindings, some audio tweaks, view model customisation options and last but not least, mouse and keyboard support on consoles.

We should learn more specifics from 343 Industries' weekly post on HaloWaypoint, which is due tomorrow, but all in all, a week's worth of delay isn't that bad. 

Microsoft Halo: MCC's unreleased Halo: Reach helmet Halo: The Master Chief Collection, long-lost unreleased Halo: Reach helmet

As for the other side of Haloverse, i.e. Halo Infinite, 343 recently got some criticism over the tempo of updates, although it has to be said that the critic seemed to be encountering some temporal issues. The dev confirmed that updates on Halo's next episode will continue at least on a monthly basis, and we expect a few nuggets in tomorrow's post.

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