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Halo MCC is free to play for the weekend

Published: 05:58, 15 October 2021
Halo MCC
Halo MCC

Halo Master Chief Collection is offering all the nostalgia you could eat for free, for a limited time. There are also discounts for more permanent solutions.

Classic Halo games are some of the titles that moved the gaming industry forward at an incredible pace, at least when it comes to the consoles. While Master Chief was a real sight to behold whenever he appeared, it was mostly the multiplayer portion that popularised shooters outside of PC gaming and if that history has your interest piqued, you can currently check it all out at no cost whatsoever.

Halo MCC is completely free to play on Steam until Monday, October 18, 2021. The full package is pretty chunky, requiring a download of around 100GB, meaning you might have very little time to play, if any, before the promotion goes away, depending on your connection. However, you don't have to get everything as you can also pick individual titles from the package and go for them instead.

There is a total of six games in the Master Chief Collection and you can preview any that you might like before the promotion wraps up but if you are looking to buy them, the deal is the same - you can either get the collection or individual games on their own. That said, getting four Halo games would require the same payment as purchasing the entire collection so keep that in mind if you go on a shopping spree.

Everything in MCC, as well as the collection itself, is on sale for the same duration, allowing you to pick up the games at 50 per cent off.

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