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Halo MCC looking at input-based matchmaking for cross-play

Published: 09:31, 01 September 2020
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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Even though Halo: The Master Chief Collection players are currently locked in their respective platforms, the team are looking at cross-play and input-based matchmaking

According to Halo MCC technical designer Dana Jerpbak, the ultimate goal is to break down the barriers between players wherever possible, as long as it doesn't mean unfair advantages for anyone. 

This is where the team is looking at input-based matchmaking, which would be implemented at the playlist level, and would allow them to have more control on where to separate players into sub-groups, and where to let them free-for-all it out. 

"For example, in a playlist like Infection when crossplay and input-based matchmaking features come online, we're not going to limit by input at all. The same can be said for something like Firefight. We don’t believe that there is a need to lock players by input in these areas, so in those cases players will get the full benefit of crossplay so anyone can play together, which is really great", Jerpbak said. 

In addition to just being able to play together, this should make finding Halo MCC matches far easier for players. 

When it comes to more competitive Halo MCC playlists, the solution will be twofold. Players will either be locked to a certain input method to ensure an even playing field, but there's also the option to balance teams out by ensuring an equal number of players on keyboard & mouse and gamepads. 

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Halo MCC players will set their preferred input devices and be locked to it when searching for specific playlists. The dev still wanted to evade the scenario where players are still split into users with mouse & keyboard, gamepad or mixed controls, but that's a matter of subsequent fine-tuning. 

You can learn more on Halo's website .

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