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Halo: The Master Chief Collection getting cross-play in 2020

Published: 17:59, 01 August 2020
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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

343 Industries have posted a list of things they're planning for release in 2020, and among them are cross-play, input-based matchmaking, regional servers and more.

What 343 didn't do is commit to exact dates but that's perfectly fine, not least because it's 2020 - we're living witnesses things can always be worse. Besides, the 2020 release timeframe sounds pretty good as the list of Halo MCC additions is lengthy. 

Anyways, here's what to expect in 2020:

  • Crossplay
  • Input Based MM
  • Sever Region Selection
  • Custom Game Browser
  • Per Game Graphics Options
  • Per Game Audio Options
  • M&K Support for Xbox
  • PC Fileshare
  • Double Keybinds for all games
  • Viewmodel adjustments for all games
  • In game FPS Cap/Adjustments
  • Steam Account Linking

343 did say, however, that cross-play, input-based matchmaking and server region selection are meant to release together, and the same goes for custom game browser, per-game graphics options and mouse and keyboard support for Xbox. 

"In addition to the above, we are committed to bringing ODST Campaign & Halo 4 on PC, as well ODST Firefight (with updated networking) to both Xbox and PC in 2020"', the dev wrote. 

Microsoft Halo Reach soldiers shooting at an aircraft Halo Reach, some action

The team are also hard at work at Halo 3's hit registration, and although parts of the community are convinced that dropping the game servers to 30hz is the answer - it's a bit more complex than that. 

You can learn on the official community update post .

Halo: Reach, screenshots from the Master Chief Collection

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