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Halo Infinite Winter Update finally brings Forge and more

Published: 15:57, 09 November 2022
Updated: 15:58, 09 November 2022
343 Industries
Halo Infinite - Winter update
Halo Infinite - Winter update

Halo Infinite is slowly releasing more content and while Winter update additions are great, one has to wonder if it's going to do much good.

Halo fans have been itching for more content in Halo Infinite for a long time now and while 343 Industries were transparent about things that are on the way, they were less so with the time when these features will arrive.

Well, the time has come and so has the Winter Update , which brings along Forge beta, network co-op for the campaign, mission replay, a new battle pass and more.

Naturally, with the lack of content being one of the worst issues Infinite has to contend with, fans are most excited about Forge as they will be able to create content for themselves this way.

Forge is essentially a tool to create maps and modes for the game so the possibilities are seldom limited by anything other than the fans' creativity and knowledge of the feature.

343 Halo Infinite - Breaker map Halo Infinite - Breaker map

While creativity varies from one person to another, knowledge of the Forge can be acquired through tutorials and 343 prepared separate video tutorials for Building, Scripting and Bots, Lighting and Audio and File Sharing and Canvases.

Besides the highlight that is Forge, the update contains a 30-level battle pass that is free of charge as well as other features but there is no word about the local co-op that was supposedly too hard to implement even though it's already in the game.


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