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Halo Infinite download size leaks again

Published: 07:43, 09 August 2021
343 Industries
Halo Infinite download size leaks again
Halo Infinite download size leaks again

343 Industries and Microsoft should officially release Halo Infinite come holiday season of 2021. The game's download size has already leaked once before but now we have reports of an even beefier game.

Modern games get released boasting remarkable download sizes that would make the titles of yesteryear clutch their pearls and make good use of the fainting couch. Halo Infinite is no different from its brethren and will reportedly weigh in at about 97,24 GB.

Previous reports gleaned from Xbox Live Brazil place the title in the somewhat smaller but still chunky range of 81,55 GB of disk space. 

WiredUpReport Halo Infinite download size leak (2) Halo Infinite download size leak (2)

It gets better?

The leaked disk space could only refer to Halo Infinite's core campaign. The multiplayer might end up taking up some additional room on the player's console of choice - the Xbox One version could place in a lighter category. 

Esports crossplay

Halo games' blog recently boasted a new post detailing 343 Industries' plan for esports going forward. They used the roadmap to also reveal that Halo Infinite esports will be cross-play for all online tournaments. 

Furthermore, the devs will enable all players to use a mouse and keyboard at the tournament, regardless of the platform. This means you might see entire teams on a controller, entire teams on MKB, or teams with mixed MKB and controller players.

Halo Infinite release date 

The game is currently in development at 343 Industries, with a release window set for late 2021. With the amount of official news and leaks that have been steadily dropping during the past weeks, we think it's safe to say that we'll be spending our Christmas break playing Halo Infinite.

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