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Halo Infinite players have remade Battlefield's Noshahr Canals map in Forge

Published: 08:04, 16 November 2022
Battlefield 3's iconic map Noshahr Canals has been re-made in Halo Infinite
Battlefield 3's iconic map Noshahr Canals has been re-made in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite player GamerPeepFreaks have created Battlefield 3's Noshahr Canals map in Halo Infinite's Forge tool. 

After a long wait, Forge has finally arrived to Halo Infinite last week and as expected players have already come up with all sorts of creative ideas for Halo Infinite maps and game modes. 

From racing to Super Smash-like platform modes and beautiful maps, the community has been delivering so much content over the last week. One of the projects that we particularly love is the re-creation of Battlefield 3 's iconic map Noshahr Canals.

Halo Infinite forger GamerPeepFreaks have accurately remade this map, which is playable in 12v12 Slayer, Stronghold and King of the Hill modes. 

"It's done! Noshahr is now available in my bookmarks and file share! Enjoy 12v12 in a Halo meets Battlefield remake of Noshahr Canals. Still working out bots, but the map is playable and public in Slayer, Strongholds, and KOTH!," GamerPeepFreaks tweeted alongside with some screenshots of the map.

Battlefield 3 multiplayer-level designer Niklas Astrand commented on the build , saying how "honoured" he is to see people re-creating the work that DICE has done on the Battlefield 3 maps.

All in all, a very cool project by Halo Infinite forgers and we hope to see more similar re-creations of popular maps from other shooters as well as original creations. 

There's no doubt that Forge is indeed what Halo Infinite needed all this time and we can't wait until 343 Industries finally add some kind of in-game browser that would allow players to find and play on the Forge maps much easier.

Until then, you can bookmark the Noshahr Canals map on HaloWaypoint.


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