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343 Industries are hiring for a new project set in the Halo universe

Published: 12:03, 08 February 2021
Halo Infinite screenshot showing the main villain
Halo Infinite

The developer of Halo Infinite are currently hiring a produced to help develop a new project, set in the Halo universe. This suggests more Halo games are coming in the near future.

Halo Infinite, Microsoft upcoming AAA exclusive is set to arrive sometime in Autumn 2021 which means 343 Industries, the developer of the title are currently working hard to deliver the best possible Halo experience. However, it seems the team are now looking to bring in more people who would work on the next Halo game, which is yet to be announced.

According to  the latest job listing on Microsoft's official website , 343 Industries are hiring a Producer that would help in the development of a new project, which is set in the Halo universe. Here's the short description from the job listing:

"343 Industries is looking for a Producer to help develop a new project in the Halo universe.  This is your chance to work on one of the most exciting and creative intellectual properties in the industry with one of the industry’s most talented teams." 

Xbox Halo Infinite screenshot showing a car driving at sunset Halo Infinite

The description does not reveal any additional details so everything you read about this project is just speculation and nothing more, at least until Microsoft officially announce the game. Whether this is another major console release or perhaps a mobile title, it remains to be seen.

Xbox and 343 Industries previously stated that they have a long-term plan for Halo Infinite so it's safe to assume we won't be getting a game of similar scope anytime soon. A smaller project is a safe bet here. 

Halo Infinite, upcoming sequel by 343 Industries and Microsoft

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Halo Infinite

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