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Halo Infinite battle royale details leak: PvPvE, Duos and Trios being tested, set on a huge map

Published: 08:50, 26 April 2022
Halo Infinite landscape
Halo Infinite, what a view!

Halo Infinite's battle-royale like mode is rumoured to be in development at Certain Affinity studio. 

According to Jez Corden, Halo Infinite 's Project Tatanka will not be a traditional battle royale like Warzone or PUBG. Instead, Xbox are going in a different direction, building a battle royale hybrid of some kind.

Speaking in the Xbox Two podcast , Corden reveals that Tatanka will feature PvPvE mechanics meaning that players will fight each other and NPCs on the map. Apparently, Duos and Trios modes are being tested at the moment suggesting that this mode could launch with those two playlists.

Corden states that players will be able to capture FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) and defend those but sadly, details on how this actually works with the shrinking zone are not known. 

Microsoft Halo Infinite sniper walking towards a facility A battle-royale set on Zeta Halo? Count us in!

Other single-player mechanics that players can complete during the match include taking down high-value targets. We presume these will drop certain loot or cash that players can later use to buy better gear similar to how Escape From Tarkov or Hunt: Showdown work. 

As expected from battle royale like mode, there are also respawning, and reviving mechanics which is the usual battle royale genre stuff. 

As for the release date, it seems that Tatanka won't be launching soon. It's possible we see it sometime in Season 3 or even Season 4 but that's just speculation as there are no solid details on the potential release date.

Halo Infinite is soon introducing Season 2 with new maps, game modes and other much-needed content. 343 confirmed that Season 2 will also run for six months just like the first season, which is a massive disappointment for the community but hopefully, 343 will introduce additional content during Season 2, which was not quite the case in the first season. 

Halo Infinite, upcoming sequel by 343 Industries and Microsoft

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Halo Infinite

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