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Halo franchise is ditching Slipspace for Unreal Engine 5

Published: 09:56, 01 February 2023
343 Industries will build new Halo games on Unreal Engine moving forward
343 Industries will build new Halo games on Unreal Engine moving forward

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries will use Unreal Engine 5 for future Halo games including the upcoming multiplayer title Project Tatanka, it's been revealed by Bloomberg.

The rumours about 343 Industries ditching their in-house tools for Unreal Engine 5 look to be true. In the latest report from Bloomberg , it's been claimed that 343 will no longer use Slipspace Engine, which powered Halo games for decades. Instead, the studio will start using Unreal Engine 5 for future Halo games, starting with Project Tatanka , which was just a battle-royale mode at one point but turned out to be something much bigger. 

Apparently, there's been quite a divide at 343 Industries regarding the engine switch. Some developers were in favour of continuing to use Slipspace fearing that switching to Unreal could result in Halo games not feeling like Halo anymore and of course, there's Forge tools too, which could be difficult to implement in Epic Games' software. 

Other groups of developers thought that switching to Unreal Engine 5 was the best bet to ensure a bright future for the Halo franchise. Apparently, Unreal Engine 5 switch gained ground when Bonnie Ross left 343 and Pierre Hintze took over as studio head. 

343 Industries will continue to work on Halo franchise, despite the rumours suggesting that the studio might become more of a publisher and creative lead on future projects while allowing other studios to pitch their ideas for Halo games. 

343 Industries currently do not have any single-player content actively in development but the report states that teams have already pitched some Unreal Engine 5 concepts as well as have a prototype of Forge working in Unreal Engine 5. 

343 Halo Infinite - Co-op Halo franchise and 343 Industries to start fresh with Unreal Engine 5

So the near future for the Halo franchise seems to be multiplayer-focused with Project Tatanka on the horizon while the single-player campaign will have to wait for a while. 

That will certainly come as a disappointment to many Halo fans but it is what it is. Perhaps this reboot of both the franchise and 343 Industries is for the best. 


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