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Bonnie Ross is leaving Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries

Published: 17:35, 12 September 2022
Bonnie Ross was working on Halo for more than 15 years
Bonnie Ross was working on Halo for more than 15 years

After more than 15 years leading Halo studio 343 Industries, Microsoft veteran Bonnie Ross will be leaving the studio for family reasons. 

Bonnie Ross is leaving  Xbox Game Studios , it's been confirmed by herself in a message on Twitter. Ross, who has been at Microsoft for more than 28 years and also led Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries for over 15 years, says she needs to spend more time with her family. 

"While I had hoped to stay with Halo until we released the Winter Update, I am letting you know I will be leaving 343 Industries and attending to a family medical issue," Ross said in her message. 

She added that it's been an honour to serve alongside the team for the last 15 years and thanked the Halo community for the support.

Interesting, the decision comes just a couple of weeks after the announcement of Halo Infinite's upcoming Winter update, which fans didn't take lightly. 

The community was once again mad due to the lack of content with some news outlets and prominent industry journalists even writing opinion pieces on 343 Industries and how the Halo franchise should be taken away from the studio.

343 Halo Infinite - Co-op screenshot Halo Infinite promised a lot but so far has failed to become a proper live-service game with enough content to keep players happy

Microsoft also confirmed a restructuring for the 343 leadership team. Production lead Pierre Hintze will take over as a studio head immediately while Bryan Koski will become the GM of Franchise. Elizabeth Van Wyck will look after business and operations as per the Windows Central report.

What's next for the Halo franchise, it remains to be seen, but it's safe to say that Master Chief and the Spartans are still in the good hands of the passionate 343 studio. 


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