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GW2: End of Dragons delayed, CPU multithreading support announced

Published: 00:55, 03 July 2021
Guild Wars 2 - End of Dragons
Guild Wars 2 - End of Dragons

ArenaNet pulled what is probably the best delay announcement in the history of video gaming as Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons postponement came with a bunch of good news.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion has been delayed from late 2021 to early 2022 as the team still needs more time to deliver their vision of Cantha. If the initial reactions from the forums are anything to go by, the fans are not particularly vexed by this decision since everyone pretty much agreed that releasing the expansion in a good state without forcing crunch at the studio is much more important.

This is where the bad news for the fans end and the good ones begin. ANet also announced that Guild Wars 2 will get DirectX 11 support later in 2021. You may not immediately be exhilarated to hear this as it can easily be seen as random technobabble but here is what this change will bring, in layman's terms.

Guild Wars 2 is suffering from bad performance, even on high-powered rigs and one of the main problems is the fact that the game doesn't use your multi-core, multi-threaded CPU properly. You rig's power is getting bottlenecked because the game uses only a tiny amount of your CPU's resources and dumps the entire workload there.

With DirectX 11, we will finally get multiple roads leading to better performance, with multithreading support being one of the highlights. With more resources at GW2's disposal, the team can also improve the game's graphics in the future, which they seem to be interested in doing.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 World Boss events usually tank the performance in Guild Wars 2

Oh, and alliances are coming later this year .

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