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Guild Wars 2 Spellbreaker damage bugs fixed with the latest update

Published: 00:42, 15 September 2022
Guild Wars 2 - Spellbreaker
Guild Wars 2 - Spellbreaker

ArenaNet folks are putting a stop to an annoying bug that has been a thorn in any Spellbreaker's side for a long time now, allowing the elite spec to finally live up to its potential.

Spellbreakers are not exactly underpowered in PvP, where they are meant to be used for the most part, but that doesn't meant bugs that cripple their damage output should be allowed to persist.

Guild Wars 2 players who went for the subclass probably noticed that certain two-handed weapons underperformed when used with the Spellbreaker elite spec.

For example, Arcing Slice was doing less damage than intended, which is quite annoying when you're trying to finish someone off with the damage bonus for striking enemies under 50 per cent health.

This will no longer be the problem as  ArenaNet fixed the issue that caused Spellbreakers to deal less damage with the greatsword burst skill in the September 13, 2022, update.

Additionally, Earthshaker had a similar issue that has been resolved in the same patch. While the hammer burst is not as reliant on the damage it deals, it's still better to have what you are supposed to, rather than to lose it to a bug.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 LW Season 1 Guild Wars 2 LW Season 1

Even Spellbreaker-exclusive bursts were not safe from issues since the patch notes also mention Breaching Strike which now displays correct damage numbers when using the Burst Master trait.

Banners will also prioritise the player who placed them as well as their party over some random allies, providing these AoE buffs more reliability.

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