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Fallout 76 launches expeditions, lets players into The Pitt

Published: 23:48, 13 September 2022
Fallout 76 - The Pitt
Fallout 76 - The Pitt

Bethesda took the Fallout franchise back to The Pitt for the first time in 13 years and now you can check the imperiled city out.

Fallout 76 has enriched the Responders experience in more than one way with the latest update. Going to The Whitespring Refuge will let players interact with a new generation of the Responders who are trying to help people all over post-apocalyptic America.

Players will need to complete daily quests to earn the trust of the organisation and charge up the vertibird's Ultracite battery. Oh yeah, you are getting to fly the aircraft to various places, the first of which is likely going to be The Pitt.

This is where you will find two new missions, Union Dues and From Ashes to Fire, where you can help the Union take down the Fanatic Raiders.

Keep in mind that FO76 is happening a couple of centuries before Fallout 3 so you will not run into any of the familiar faces and the city itself will have a somewhat different hierarchy as Brotherhood of Steel didn't have the opportunity to create a royal mess of things just yet.

Technically, you can undertake the expeditions at any level but Bethesda suggested players reach level 50 or higher for the optimised experience. 

Finishing the missions and completing primary and side objectives will result in rewards that include legendary items and modules so keep an eye on those, you might see something interesting after an adventure.

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