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Guild Wars 2 is improving old World Bosses next week

Published: 10:06, 15 July 2022
Guild Wars 2 - Shadow Behemoth
Guild Wars 2 - Shadow Behemoth

ArenaNet's summer roadmap kicked off with improvements that are just around the corner and some of the first GW2 World Bosses we met will never be the same.

Change may be good for outdated systems but it always brings the risk of annoying the old fans who get the nostalgia spikes whenever they come across such events. It is no different with Guild Wars 2 and its World Bosses, who have evolved over the years and the content became more challenging to accommodate the newer, more powerful builds.

To that end, ArenaNet is looking to bring some of the first challenges up to speed. Elite specialisations came long after the likes of the Shadow Behemoth, Svanir Shaman Chieftain, Fire Elemental and the Great Jungle Wurm but their power level always remained the same. This resulted in the older World Bosses being little more than a walk in the park but that stands to change on July 19, 2022.

Each of these bosses will get skill telegraphs and defiance bars, which are the standard for the newer ones, as well as improved encounter mechanics and rebalanced health pools to account for the higher damage potential of the player builds.

Additionally, Shadow Behemoth, Svanir Shaman and the Great Jungle Wurm will get model and texture improvements as well as one champion loot bag after they are taken down.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - Claw of Jormag Some old school bosses are complex enough to not require the update

Overall, the players will likely need to do more than just press "1" and let the basic attack loop now in order to get the fight over with quicker but they will be somewhat more rewarded for

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