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Guild Wars 2 dev explains Mystic Coin changes

Published: 11:19, 15 February 2022
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet found themselves in a bit of hot water after announcing a source of Mystic Coins would be removed from Guild Wars 2 and a dev tried to explain the reasons why.

Guild Wars 2 doesn't really have a vertical progression, meaning that after you get to level 80 and get your fancy gear, you will never be at a gear disadvantage again - neither updates nor expansions will move an arbitrary gear score number that would invalidate your previous grind. As such, a lot of the endgame in GW2 revolves around cosmetics, with the Legendary weapons being the pinnacle of what some players wanted to achieve.

Needing a bunch of Mystic Coins in order to acquire a Legendary weapon is what drives the former's price up and when ArenaNet announced that End of Dragons would remove the way they were obtained through Fractals, backlash wasn't unexpected. It happened and one dev came to Reddit in an attempt to address the players' concerns .

Solar's lengthy post noted a few key points behind the decision to remove the aforementioned source of Mystic Coins:

  • Shifting their drops into EoD Strikes takes less time
    • And makes MCs more available to a larger portion of the player base
  • Only about seven per cent of MCs were obtained through Fractals

The post, although lengthy and thorough, didn't actually touch on the topic of the effect on people enjoying Fractals and not enjoying Strikes. Additionally, some fans found themselves wondering why Fractals couldn't keep the avenue to Mystic Coins if such a small portion of players was actually doing 98, 99 and 100 CMs.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - elite specializations Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

On the other hand, the data provided by Solar pretty much confirms the demand for Mystic Coins will not spiral out of control and the prices should remain roughly the same, if not even go lower since more players can actually farm them now.

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