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GTA Trilogy Remastered logos, icons and achievements list leak online

Published: 14:53, 06 October 2021
Updated: 15:25, 06 October 2021
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GTA Trilogy Remastered logos
GTA Trilogy Remastered logos

Following the most recent Rockstar Games Launcher leak, which confirmed the existence of GTA Trilogy remasters, we have more proof that GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas Definitive Editions are indeed happening.

Yesterday, we reported that GTA Trilogy Remastered has been found in the code of Rockstar Games Launcher thanks to the most recent app update. Data miners were able to confirm that the games indeed exist and will be running on Unreal Engine 4, as speculated earlier.

 Today, we have a fresh batch of content that has been data mined from the Rockstar Games Launcher files. First off, all three logos have leaked, revealing "The Definitive Edition" title. Additionally, PC icons for again, all three games have also been discovered in the files. Check them out below:

And now for the biggest leak, a full list of achievements icons for GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas have surfaced online. The images have been shared on GTA Forum and include what appears to be a full set of achievements for all three games.

We suggest you closely check out the ones for San Andreas, there's a bigfoot achievement somewhere at the bottom of the list. 

Since there's more than enough proof now to safely say that GTA Trilogy Remastered is indeed real, we assume that ROckstar won't be delaying the official announcement anymore. Expect to finally see the trailer and an official blog post, confirming that all three games are coming back with improved visuals and other enhancements. 

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