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Graven gets co-op on all PC platforms, new weapons and more in latest update

Published: 12:31, 14 September 2022
3D Realms
Graven - Second major Early Access update
Graven - Second major Early Access update

3D Realms enriched the Early Access experience for Graven players as they can now get into co-op on more platforms, use new input methods and enjoy new weapons.

Graven has had the initial co-op implementation for about half a year now but it has arrived to GOG and Epic Games Store with the latest update. As a reminder, the co-op supports up to four players online.

Additionally, respawning items, purchasable ammo, cosmetic weapon upgrades and more have been added as a result of community requests.

While getting co-op running was a priority, 3D Realms and Slipgate didn't forget about the console players either. Full gamepad support and difficulty settings have been added to the game as it's aiming to release properly on both PC and consoles in 2023.


Meanwhile, in the present, Cruxfirth has become a properly fleshed-out hub world that has a proper hub-ending final showdown. Players will not go into the fight unprepared as they have two new weapons at their disposal.

Writ of Subjugation is a scroll that use primitive but effective magic that lives up to its name by mowing down enemies like there is no tomorrow. Meanwhile, there might be no tomorrow for anyone willing to stand in front of the Ballista, a heavy crossbow that can down some of the bulkiest targets at distance.

1C Entertainment Graven Graven

With new weapons, quests and more additions in the Early Access #2, Graven seems to be well on the way to reach the projected release window of 2023.

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