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Gotham Knights co-op seems to be limited to just two players

Published: 01:33, 01 September 2022
Warner Bros.
Batman: Gotham Knights, Nightwing
Batman: Gotham Knights, Nightwing

Gamers who were hoping Gotham Knights would be fun with a party of friends will likely end up disappointed and possible left cold by the game.

Gotham Knights sees four people stepping in to fill the giant shoes left by Batman, the hero the city needed but who was apparently killed before the start of the game.

With four people from the Bat-family around, it was easy to assume the co-op would support up to four players and even the initial promotional material was cut in such a way that this was insinuated.

Unfortunately, this notion was dispelled later on as the devs and publishers noted that Gotham Knights will be playable by just two players at the same time, while they can also use all four of the characters with what currently appear to be no restrictions.

That also means two players can use the same character at the same time, which is going to take away from the immersion they might be hoping to get. You can clearly see this in the video embedded below, at the 4:20 time stamp as two Red Hoods hop on their bikes and move along to solve the next crime.

It's the crimes that will attempt to carry the immersion though, as the team designed Gotham City to be the prime location for both criminals and vigilantes at night, which is when all the action will happen. 

During the day, the perhaps dynamic quadro will be looking for potential new crimes from their base at Belfry.

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