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Scathe launches to mixed reviews on Steam

Published: 01:11, 01 September 2022

Scathe, a game that looked a lot like the pick-me-up Doom fans needed is not getting as well received as one may have hoped.

Scathe is a game that is riding on the players' hopes of being the next Doom clone that will allow us to get that adrenaline pumping while dishing out punishment to the creatures of hell but it appears to have failed in its objectives, even on day one.

One of the main reasons why Scathe was sitting at 54 per cent positive reviews at the time of writing was that the failed to incentivise killing the demons.

As many players pointed out, there is no reason to actually mow them all down - you can simply run past them and get the best results for the level, which is denominated by a certain door colour at the end.

While playing out the fantasy of an unstoppable demon killer, one would hardly want their weapons to feel like peashooters and yet, that's what most players describe the basic gun as. On top of that, the enemies players face are not that different from each other as they are mostly repeated creatures with a different skin. 

All of this contributed to the dissatisfaction of numerous players who will likely wait a few months for the game-changing updates to sweep in and fix the game.

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