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Gotham Knights gets Court of Owls story trailer

Published: 10:44, 17 October 2021
Gotham Knights
Gotham Knights

When the Caped Crusader is gone, someone else is in charge of sowing fear on the streets of Gotham and we are not talking about Scarecrow either.

Gotham Knights story trailer offered a glimpse into what the game will have to offer. While everyone expected the action combat from the get-go, it wasn't entirely known what to expect from the story and ambience. Batman is not around, after all, and without him, the entire dynamic of Gotham City can easily shift.

It shifted alright, but it's still made of the same aspects. If the story trailer is anything to go by, it would appear the developers are leaning into the horror side of the Court of Owls story, something newer generations or fans who are not familiar with the comics might not be introduced to that well.

We saw the Court of Owls in the Batman vs Robin animated movie but it was more of a regular secret society story, with a single Talon doing the heavy lifting for them. 

As you go through the trailer, you will notice there is plenty of Talons and they are not exactly human, or at least not anymore. While disturbing, this is only one of the depraved acts of the secret society that seems to have eyes everywhere. A behind-the-scenes video also popped up at the same time, revealing the developers really wanted to relay that message of owls being the natural predators of bats.

Unfortunately, the trailer didn't provide any more release date info than we already knew but there are no delays either, at least not yet, and Gotham Knights seem to be on track for release at some point during 2022.

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