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Gotham Knights gets a 13-minute gameplay showcase

Published: 09:33, 11 May 2022
Warner Bros.
Batman: Gotham Knights, Red Hood
Batman: Gotham Knights, Red Hood

WB's attempt at going multiplayer with Rocksteady's foundation has received a gameplay showcase, featuring Nightwing and Red Hood but it may leave some fans unimpressed.

WB Games Montreal presented the first bits of extended gameplay for Gotham Knights, showcasing what Nightwing and Red Hood can do, along with some story bits and a cutscene that was probably meant to be emotional.

The video kicks off with the duo beating up a bunch of criminals and for some reason, the narrator mentions that Red Hood is shooting non-lethal rounds from his guns. This could be an attempt to bring the age rating for the game down but we certainly see some fatalities during the beatdown. 

For example, Red Hood shoots rounds that penetrate his target at 2:16 and Nightwing pushes a guy off the roof at 2:26 in the video. You will see such instances throughout the entirety of the showcase and there are attempts to sound gritty but they are in a censored version, like when Red Hood says "Great! More hitheads to beat up".

Grayson and Todd also have a heart to heart in the base, which was probably meant to make the players emotional as it's suggested Batman is dead. However, the bland lines and delivery miss the point and since this is content stemming from comic books, we can expect people to be resurrected at any given moment, if they were dead in the first place.

Overall, the video left many with the impression that Gotham Knights could be something but it was lost in the process of corporate sterilisation in order to maximise the potential demographic when the release date comes around.

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