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God of War: Ragnarok - Can you turn off Atreus' and Mimir's puzzle hints?

Published: 09:15, 11 November 2022
God of War: Ragnarok - Atreus and Mimir will quickly start blabbing during Puzzle sections
God of War: Ragnarok - Atreus and Mimir will quickly start blabbing during Puzzle sections

God of War: Ragnarok won't let you finish puzzles on your own as Atreus and Mimir regularly give hints, ruining the puzzle-solving experience.

God of War: Ragnarok launched to overwhelmingly positive reviews but despite its critically acclaimed story, combat and characters, some players are annoyed by certain features in this PlayStation exclusive, namely the hints that Atreus and Mimir keep giving Kratos whenever he spends more than 30 seconds trying to solve a puzzle.

Just like its predecessor, Ragnarok has plenty of puzzle sections where players have to pull levers, remove objects blocking paths and so on. These are of course, a welcomed edition since the puzzles are just perfectly balanced in terms of difficulty. 

Yet, Sony thought it would be a great idea if Mimir and Atreus would constantly tell players what to do even if they're not actually stuck at a puzzle. Sometimes, the duo will even tell you what you need to do at a certain location before you even started solving the puzzle, which is really annoying.

Can God of War Ragnarok's puzzle tips be turned off?

Sadly, no. You can't turn off the puzzle hints, which is a big disappointment given that God of War: Ragnarok has a ton of accessibility options that you can turn ON or OFF. Would it hurt to have the option to turn the puzzle tips off? Of course not, but it is what it is. 

Sony God of War: Ragnarok - kratos and atreus You need to shut up and stop running all them puzzles, boy!

It seems like Sony's new games are following this trend given that Horizon Forbidden West was also pretty terrible in this regard. Aloy would constantly talk about what she needed to do next, where to go, which lever to pull and so on. 

Hopefully, though, the devs take a look at this feature and give us the option to tweak how often Atreus and Mimir give clues for puzzles. It would certainly be a welcomed addition. 


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