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Go Battle League preseason starts rolling out

Published: 17:35, 28 January 2020
Pokemon Go - Go Battle League
Pokemon Go - Go Battle League

Pokemon Go's ranked competition is brewing up as players are starting to get treated to Go Battle League. It will feature unique rewards but the competition has not started yet as players will need some introduction through the preseason.

Pokemon Go's competitive players will be treated to Go Battle League soon. They will gradually become eligible as the competition will be released in waves instead of becoming available to everyone immediately, in order to keep the game stability.

However, those who get in will not have an advantage over those who get into Go Battle League later on since it's only the preseason which is active now. Players will become acquainted with the how and why of things before everyone can properly participate and Go Battle League can commence for real. Updates will keep tuning the league for the duration of the preseason.

Trainer Battles within the Go Battle League will rotate between three leagues - Great, Ultra and Master League, and players will be able to see their rank, just like on any usual ladder. Preseason games can affect the rank when the actual season starts but it will be partially reset so everyone gets an equal footing, more or less.

Playing Go battle League will see players getting rewarded for doing so. The rewards will be determined based on the players' rank at the end of a season as well as the number of battles won.

The Pokemon Company High resolution image of Surprised Pikachu When you find out they are going to dress you up like a Luchador

Luchador Pikachu, or as it's officially named - Pikachu Libre and related avatar items will be exclusive Go Battle League rewards. Premium Raid Pass will now be named Premium Battle Pass and it can unlock an additional reward track in Go Battle League. It will not have any effect on a player's rating.

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