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Epic Games and Fortnite's Week 5 challenges data mined

Published: 10:11, 29 May 2018
Epic Games
Epic's fourth teaser poster for Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4
Fortnite, Season 4

Epic Games' Week 5 set of challenges for Fortnite: Battle Royale's Season 4 has been data mined, as is customary, and the upcoming gimmick from the freshly sued company are Gravity Stones, which should not be confused with Hop Rocks.

As usual, the first four Fortnite challenges are classified as easy and earn five battle stars each, while the remainder of Week 5 challenges are hard and therefore earn 10 battle stars each.

First up is dealing 500 damage to opponents with SMGs, which should be easy enough. Besides, Epic Games' patch v4.2 has among other improvements, greatly improving the weapon's viability in the field.

Searching through seven chests in Dusty Divot is the second challenge, although you'll probably need more than a single drop. Third Fortnite Week 5 challenge is using a jetpack once, again easy as pie.

Fortnite's new weekly challenge gimmick are Gravity Stones, a task that earns 10 battle stars. Epic Games are yet to reveal exactly what these are but they're definitely not Hop Rocks.

Treasure map found in Greasy Grove kicks of the hard Fortnite challenges, although the didn't dig up a map this time around. We should find out soon enough and it's the same sort of Epic Games treasure hunt we're used to.

Next up are Minigun or Light Machine Gun eliminations, two of them to be exact, earning you 10 battle stars. Last but not the least are three eliminations in Lucky Landing. Of course, you still have time to tidy up Fortnite's , if you haven't done so already.

Unfortunately, fighting off by Brendan Greene and Co isn't listed as part of Fortnite's Week 5 challenges so it's fair to assume Epic Games don't find it challenging. List of Week 5 challenges for Season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale Fortnite

Jokes aside, the real challenge for PUBG will be how to save face in the process. Investing time into suing the guys who've outplayed you, outcoded you and outworked you every step of the way surely can't be a bigger priority than fixing your game?

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 4 has finally arrived

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