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Pass GO and collect $200: Fortnite is gearing up for a Monopoly collab

Published: 13:22, 24 September 2021
Epic Games
Fortnite - the Yacht promo image
Fortnite - the Yacht

Monopoly certainly had much more peculiar collabs. Dataminers have uncovered some files in Fortnite that point to the arrival of Monopoly-themed cosmetics.

Epic Games Studio has a track record full of weird, beautiful and utterly unexplainable collabs and guest appearances, carefully cultivated ever since Fortnite joined the mainstream back in 2017. With this in mind, it seems more than fitting that a strange batch of datamined cosmetics would pop up all over the internet just in time for Fortnite's big fourth birthday bash. 

Fortnite - Datamined Monopoly cosmetics 

Having destroyed many a family game night, it looks like Monopoly is coming to Fortnite to wreak more havoc than the ominous Cubes. Dataminers have been preparing for a celebration of their own, finding juicy pieces of yet unannounced content in the game's files. This time around, they dug up evidence that the popular property-trading game, Monopoly, will find its way to the Island. 

Fortnite - datamined Monopoly pieces Fortnite - datamined Monopoly pieces

The datamined group of pieces is missing the thimble, the boot and the wheelbarrow, which have been replaced by the rubber ducky, the T-Rex and the penguin. 

Little information has been given on when exactly the new collaboration will pass go, collect $200 and set up shop in Fortnite, but at least we can enjoy the newest addition to the game: Eddie Brock and Venom Outfits.

Fortnite Fourth Birthday Party start and end dates

Fortnite's actual birthday falls on September 27, except, as is the custom around these parts, Epic decided that a shindig befitting their colourful game can't fit in one day. The fourth birthday event will go on from September 24 at 13:00 GMT until September 28 at 6:00 GMT.

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