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Fortnite v14.30 pieced-together patch notes are here

Published: 15:08, 14 October 2020
Epic Games
Fortnite, Daredevil Cup
Fortnite, Daredevil Cup

Fortnite is kicking off the Daredevil Cup today but the v14.30 update has Epic skipmping on patch notes once again, so we have some pieced together patch notes instead.

If you're looking for Daredevil Cup info, the first of the four Marvel Knockout Super Series cups culminating in a $1m tournament, all you need to know about it is over here . It definitely works well as a harbinger for the impending Galactus brawl.

As for Fortnite changes, Epic said nothing on the official website, but they did post a few fixes on the Trello board. Only one fix pertains to Fortnite: Battle Royale gameplay, the one where they addressed placing a map marker cancelling player movement. The second fix is about the Last Forever emote, whose audio will no longer be muted.

The main change occurred on Fortnite's Combat Shotgun, which has received a significant boost. We're talking about increased range, which should let you drop your opponents at a slightly higher range. 

Epic are apparently looking at the stats closely here, in order to prevent any unfair advantage that may pop up in the numbers. 

In addition to rotating some superpowers, Fortnite developer will be adding a limited-time mode called Rally Royale later in the week. As the name suggests, it's a racing mode where players have to collect tickets to uncover the finish line, which you need to reach before hitting the proverbial podium. 

Epic Games Fortnite's latest addition - Whiplash Fortnite's latest addition - Whiplash

Marvel Knockout Super Series is already in motion with the Daredevil Cup, and you should know that giving each of the four cups a go with your team earns you the Nexus War Glider. 

You can find what little info Epic decided to share on Fortnite's Trello Board

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