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Football Manager 2023 PS5 launch delayed

Published: 01:41, 03 November 2022
Updated: 14:41, 03 November 2022
Football Manager 23
Football Manager 23

Fans waiting to get in the commanding chair of their favourite football teams will need to wait a little longer, at least in the case of consoles.

SEGA and Sports Interactive announced that the console version of Football Manager will not launch on November 8, 2022, as was originally planned due to complications with the approval process.

The companies used words "console" and "PS5" interchangeably so it was a bit hard to figure out whether Sony's console will be the only one to suffer but since Xbox Series X/S is not mentioned anywhere, this may very well be the case.

It was not revealed what these "unforeseen consequences" entail but the head of Sports Interactive did note the team was devastated the attempted fixes over the course of several weeks were not good enough to justify putting the game on virtual shelves.

Neither SEGA nor Sports Interactive revealed any sort of ETA for the game on PS5 although they assured the fans the team is hard at work to get the game in their hands as soon as possible.

SEGA Football Manager 2022 - the squad Football Manager 2022's success brought a lot of hype for the 2023 instalment

When an update becomes available, everyone will be notified. Meanwhile, fans who preordered the game through the PSN store can cancel their preorder and get a full refund, along the lines of Sony's policy.

Xbox Series X fans who got scared may see a glimmer of hope in the statement that "All other games in the FM23 suite are currently on course for an 8th November release", which could very well translate into Xbox certification going according to plan.



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