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Football Manager 2019 gets a release date and Bundesliga license

Published: 14:07, 06 August 2018
Sports Interactive
Picture of the new box art for Football Manager 2019
Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019 will be released on 02 November 2018 according to Sports Interactive and SEGA. This time around it will have a full license to the German DFL for the first time in Football Manager history, along with new key art.

Sports Interactive have announced that Football Manager 2019 will retire the iconic Manager Man key art, featuring a "manager’s eye view of the pitch as the gaffer and players head down the tunnel ahead of a big match". It looks good but some fans might still not receive it well due to Manager Man being the franchise's signature since Football Manager 2005.

The trailer for Football Manager 2019 shows a send-off tribute as the news anchor talks about a young new manager about to take over a team, with Manager Man art in a corner with "end of an era" written over it. 

Football Manager 2019 apparently has more not so superficial changes in store. The German Football League for example, or Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFB) which includes Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga will be fully licenced. This will be the first time the franchise will own these rights so not all changes will bum long-time fans.

According to Sports Interactive and SEGA, Football Manager 2019 will strive "to be even more comprehensive in its realism than ever before" for that maximum immersion potential for players. It will feature a reworked Medical Centre, overhauled 3D graphics engine and Dynamics System that were introduced in Football Manager 2018, as well as more features that will be revealed in late September 2018 when the new website is launched.

Players who pre-order a physical copy of Football Manager 2019 as well as those who pre-order a digital one from select retailers will receive a 10 per cent discount, which is down from 25 per cent that was offered last year.

Another incentive for pre-ordering is the early access, which will "be available roughly two weeks prior to the official street date". This will be a beta build but all progress will carry over to the full game once it's released.

Sports Int. Football Manager 2019 trailer CEO looking quite concerned over press questions Football Manager 2019 - If there is a ransom on Manager Man's head then it may be payable in pre-orders

AltChar strongly advises against pre-ordering anything unless you absolutely have to, but it's your money, so do what you want.


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