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Flappy Royale is the shortest battle royale in the genre history

Published: 13:27, 28 June 2019
Orta Therox
Picture of Flappy Royale gameplay
Flappy Royale

Browser battle royales based on popular games are not exactly news since Mario Royale happened but there is a more challenging challenger around the corner. Or maybe we should say around the pipe. Let us introduce you to Flappy Royale.

Perversions such as Mario Royale already happened and it's already been buried under Nintendo's massive legal team but it lives on as DMCA Royale now.

That did not discourage other creators though. and created what is possibly a battle royale with the highest skill ceiling with fewest inputs and the shortest round duration.

Flappy Royale takes after the infamous but extremely popular Flappy Bird mobile game. It has the same rules, you just need to help your bird flap between pipes, if you can. Each following pipe will have an opening on a different spot and you have to be precise if you want to survive by not touching the pipes.

Mashing it up with battle royale genre at first doesn't look that creative but if you dive into the game you will discover several depth layers.

It lets you choose whether to immediately jump out of the flying bus so you have more screen on the right and therefore a better warning of what kind of pipe comes next or jump out later so you don't end up in the herd of other players that could obfuscate your bird's exact position, at the cost of less screen to warn you about obstacles.

Given the game's difficulty, each round lasts approximately two to eight seconds for the vast majority of the players. Translated into different measurement units, it is the first one to three pipes that eliminate about 90 per cent players.

Em Lazer-Walker Picture of the victory screen in Flappy Royale Flappy Royale victory screen

Furthermore, it is a test of both eye and attention endurance - one blink or a single wandering thought could spell a pipey end to your poor customisable bird. There are currently no options to purchase customisation items but the free ones should prove to be enough for the time being.

Unlike the regular flappy bird, this game ends by the rules of a proper battle royale - once you are the last bird flapping. It is followed by congratulations and a round of applause.

Flappy Royale demo and beta versions are available for . iOS and Android users can get it in their respective stores.

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