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Festival of the Four Winds is coming to Guild Wars 2 next week

Published: 08:01, 05 August 2020
Guild Wars 2 - Festival of the Four Winds
Guild Wars 2 - Festival of the Four Winds

Guild Wars 2 players can look forward to several oddly organised events during Festival of the Four WInds along with an easy way to farm Quartz Crystals for the duration of the celebration.

Festival of the Four Winds will kick off on August 11, 2020. The announcement itself was rather brief, only mentioning that there will be new activities, a new area and annual achievements that will offer rewards upon completion.

None of these are actually new, besides the fact that they are not available outside the event. Labyrinthine Cliffs is the zone that players will gain access to. It will offer several events and other activities to participate in but those who are in the process of farming materials up for Quartz Crystals may benefit the most from the Bazaar of the Four Winds.

Namely, it is here that the Quartz Crystal Formations were seen for the first time in Guild Wars 2 and numerous nodes will be available over this particular map. In case you are trying to get a Stormcaller or Charged Stormcaller weapon, mining these crystals might save you a few gold coins.

Furthermore, the event will feature a trader that offers Zephyrite Supply Boxes that can be purchased for various materials so all that metal, cloth and leather collecting dust in your storage can finally be put to good use. These boxes are also guaranteed to drop Quartz Crystals.

You can check out the full list of activities on the festival's wiki page and if you do partake in them, don't forget to race as an adorable dolyak.

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