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Farming Simulator 19 gets a trailer and dynamic weather system

Published: 19:28, 16 February 2018
Giants Software
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Farming Simulator 19

Focus Home Interactive’s Farming Simulator 19 has a new trailer that teases the inclusion of horses. The upcoming game will have 4K resolution and high-dynamic range (HDR). Farming Simulator 19 will also feature a dynamic weather system.

Farming Simulator 19 just got a fresh trailer. The game was heavily featured at publisher Focus Home Interactive’s yearly event in Paris that went down last week.

The new game will feature fresh vehicles, crops, maps, animals and more. Farming Simulator 19's vehicle counter currently reads 38 new ones, but that number is subject to change as the release date approaches. 

Giants Software A left hand holding a bunch of keys Farming Simulator 19

The devs have promised an easier onboarding process, which is a fancy way of saying that the newcomers to the franchise will have an easier time adjusting. Giants Software even mentioned experimenting with HoloLens.

Focus Home teased the inclusion of horses into Farming Simulator 19. The exact uses for the new animals have not been fully explained yet but I think it's pretty safe to say that you'll be able to ride them. Maybe they'll throw in a taming option.

Seems like customization will also play a role in the upcoming game. Giants Software didn't give away much, but avatar customization will definitely be present in the upcoming Farming Simulator 19.

Giants Software A man walking towards a big red barn Farming Simulator 19

The game's multiplayer will allow for as many as six people on console, for the purposes of collaborative farming. A new mission system was also name dropped. It will allow the players to keep themselves busy while the crops do their thing. The devs promised more interesting and varied missions.

Since two years is a considerable amount of time in the world of gaming, the graphics for Farming Simulator 19 have undergone an overhaul. Giants Software included 4K resolution and high-dynamic range (HDR).

On top of that, Farming Simulator 19 will boast physically based rendering or PBR, which means that the in-game textures will reflect light more realistically. This will help you discern a tire from a truck. Fascinating.

Giants Software A man opening a garage door, with a dog looking up at him Farming Simulator 19

Overhauled graphics have also brought the option of a dynamic weather system. Farming Simulator 19 will feature rain that will put a hamper on your farmer's daily routine by preventing any work actual work being done and decreasing visibility thanks to volumetric fog effects. 

This information and a short trailer are all we have right now, as no gameplay trailer has been released. Yet.  currently has a release window that says "Fall 2018". The game will launch on every platform you can think of.

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