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Far Cry 5 gets 'Inside Eden's Gate' short film on Amazon Prime

Published: 14:58, 06 March 2018
Man with raised hands to the sky, with several people behind him
Far Cry 5 - Inside Eden's Gate

In anticipation of the launch and closely following the latest Far Cry 5 live action teaser, Ubisoft have rolled out the short film from which the teaser was made and it's available on Amazon Prime.

The teaser provides more insight into the world and story behind Far Cry 5, with the antagonist Joseph "The Father" Seed upping the chill factor each time we see him, it seems.

Ubisoft Last supper recreation by a bunch of Montana gun nuts. Far Cry 5

The story follows three vloggers who, as is so common in horror movies, start foolishly sniffing around what they had no business sniffing around in in the first place. This time however, it's Joseph Seed's fanatical cult, who reign supreme in Hope County, Montana.

"The Father" is played by Canadian actor Greg Bryk, whom you may know from his roles in A History of Violence, ReGenesis, Bitten, etc. So far, it looks the real deal, with Bryk wonderfully conveying the chilling nature of Far Cry 5's megalomaniacal antagonist.

The movie is a result of Ubisoft teaming up with Asylum Entertainment and most certainly makes for a sweet marketing campaign. I mean, trailers and teasers patchworked from in-game footage are all fine - but this is some next level stuff and we suspect we'll see more similar moves from publishers in the future.

Just in case you haven't really followed the hype train, you may want to start on the first story trailer, which we covered in one of .

Ubisoft A man with glasses and a hat ordering a beer from a bartender Far Cry 5

As you know, the new addition to the Far Cry franchise is slated for launch on 27 March 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In case you're hungry for more content, you can check out Far Cry 5 screenshots in the gallery below or hop over to the .

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