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Far Cry: New Dawn's physical sales are disappointing

Published: 12:16, 19 February 2019
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Far Cry New Dawn

Even though Ubisoft are yet to share any official information on the sales of Far Cry: New Dawn, initial reports from UK's retail outlets peg physical sales at just above a quarter of what Far Cry 5 managed in its first week on the shelves.

Far Cry: New Dawn's physical sales actually dropped by 86.5 per cent compared to its predecessor, which means Ubisoft's spin off made only 13.5 per cent of Far Cry 5's sales and 25 per cent of what Far Cry: Primal managed back in 2016.

Thankfully for Ubisoft, it was still enough to snatch the pole position in UK's  , beating 4A's post-apocalyptic shooter Metro Exodus in the process, which is actually a good result. 

Of course, we can't forget that Far Cry: New Dawn is a spinoff title and as such came with much less hoopla, so Ubisoft probably expected a significantly lower turnover. Whether they planned for it to be this low is unknown.

If you've been following the game, you probably know that most reviews haven't really , calling it a glorified expansion of Far Cry 5 and even a mere reskin. It didn't help one bit that Ubisoft are charging as they would for a full game, even though it's questionable whether it's worth it.

On the other hand, it must be said that physical sales have been dropping significantly lately and very few new games beat their predecessors in UK's physical sales.

In fact, physical sales can look pretty tragic when compared to their earlier iterations, which is exactly why it's difficult to draw any definitive conclusions just from looking at how boxed copies did.

What can be concluded, however, is that Ubisoft may want to look for another Far Cry recipe, or at least shake up the existing one a bit, because the old formula seems to be getting...well, old.

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It's also worth noting that Far Cry: New Dawn launched around the time Apex Legends, Anthem and Metro Exodus, which probably helped draw some sales away from Ubisoft's attempt to milk Far Cry 5 some more

Far Cry New Dawn is a post-apocalyptic shooter by Ubisoft

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Far Cry New Dawn

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