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Steam's week-long sale features some of best Far Cry content

Published: 12:50, 14 July 2020
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Far Cry 6 has been officially announced on Ubisoft Forward and the current week-long sale features pretty much the entire franchise on discounts, including the adventures of one Rex "Power" Colt. There are some other gems to be found as well.

Far Cry series is up for sale at various discounts, ranging from the very first game that was developed by Crytek all the way up to Far Cry: New Dawn. While the first title is 16 years old, it is by no means hard to look at since Crytek were out to stun everyone with amazing graphics even back then.

Since then, Far Cry series has gone through four new games and a few shorter standalone additions, such as Blood Dragon and New Dawn. While New Dawn is closely connected to Far Cry 5 due to being a continuation of the story, Blood Dragon is completely wild and detached from Far Cry 3. That said, it is also one of the most beloved things that ever happened to the franchise.

Assuming the role of captain Rex "Power" Colt, the players set out to a wild ride that has '80s written all over it. From cyborg cops to Michael Biehn, the standalone game has all the makings of an action movie from four decades ago, except for magic dust.

All the games in the franchise, including the standalone titles, are on discounts varying from 70 to 85 per cent and you can preview them on the week-long deal page .

Far Cry is the biggest franchise but there is a total of 1414 deals to be found. Then again, this is Steam and the sale is bloated with Hentai games and the likes of Putin vs ISIS. We rummaged through some of the deals and found a few games worthy of the spotlight:

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