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Fan made Half-Life remake Black Mesa is finally launching next month

Published: 09:55, 25 February 2020
picture showing a cave in black mesa: xen
Black Mesa: Xen

After more than 14 years of development, Black Mesa 1.0, the complete version of the fan-made Half-Life remake will finally launch via Steam on 05 March 2020.

Half-Life fans have been craving for a sequel or at least a remake of the original game for years now but Valve, at the moment, do not have any plans to do such game. Instead, the company opted for a virtual reality experience named Half-Life: Alyx, coming soon to PC.

And while we waited for an official confirmation from Valve that someday, we might get a proper sequel or a remake, fans of Half-Life have been working on their own project named Black Mesa. As you may know, Black Mesa is entirely fan-made remake of the original Half-Life and it has been in development for 14 years now.

Yes, that is a lot of time and back then, many probably argued that the game would look old by the time is out but Adam Engels and The Black Mesa team have set the goal and fortunately, have finally reached it.

In an announcement over at Steam, the Black Mesa team have officially confirmed that their creation will launch in just over a week - 05 March 2020. This will be the full version of the game, featuring the last, Xen chapter of Half-Life. 

Until now, Black Mesa was available in early access and most of the game has been finished, but in just a couple of weeks, we will finally get the chance to play the game from start to the end. 

Black Mesa pack enhanced visuals including much better textures, lighting and you can check it out in the screenshots below. 

Black Mesa is currently available for €17,99 on Steam. 

Half-Life fan-made remake Black Mesa is coming 2019

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