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Fan-made Half-Life remake Black Mesa gets closer to full 1.0 release

Published: 09:05, 27 January 2020
Black Mesa Team
Black Mesa 1.0 screenshot showing a canyon and sewer pipes
Black Mesa 1.0

After 15 years of development, Half-Life fan-made remake Black Mesa is entering its final phase. The team behind the project shared some gorgeous new screenshots along with release date info.

If gamers could choose to get one iconic game with reworked graphics, nine times out of ten, the choice would probably fall to Half-Life. However, Valve do not have any plans to work on such a project so fans of the franchise had to take matters in their own hands.

Named Crowbar Collective, a small development team managed to bring us a visually enhanced version of Half-Life named Black Mesa. The unofficial rework is available on Steam Early Access and it is almost completed. 

The development of the rework started 15 years ago but after many years of hard work and setbacks, the devs can proudly reveal the full 1.0 version, which has been showcased in the latest post on Steam.

Crowbar Collective shared a couple of screenshots and revealed their roadmap for the upcoming features. The biggest change in 1.0 is a complete overhaul of the AI. "Soldiers will now lay down suppressing fire, flank your position, communicate more, throw grenades more effectively, use their MP5 grenade launchers and more," the devs say.

Crowbar Collective Black Mesa 1.0 screenshot showing a canyon Black Mesa 1.0

At the moment, the exact release date is yet to be revealed but the team say they are really close to a release candidate for Black Mesa 1.0. "We will test the whole game internally, push the build to public-beta for even more testing, patch the build if necessary, then release the game in full," they said.

After 1.0 release, Crowbar Collective will work on 1.5 version, which will bring even bigger visual improvements and fixes. You can see the comparisons between the two version in .

Half-Life fan-made remake Black Mesa is coming 2019

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