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Half-Life: Alyx has no multiplayer modes in the works, Valve say

Published: 12:28, 12 December 2019
A building on a misty day in Half-Life: Alyx
Half-Life: Alyx, quite the view!

In a recent interview, Valve's Robin Walker spilled some beans on the company's highly anticipated VR title Half-Life: Alyx, but if you were hoping to buy it and shoot up some friends, we've got some bad news. Namely, no multiplayer modes are currently in the works.

Speaking to The Verge, Walker said that Half-Life: Alyx is a traditional HL experience, a linear singleplayer game that he likened to a one-way street. 

Unlike traditional HL experiences, though, the multiplayer component will not be there, even if the phrasing does leave some hope. "We're not planning on supporting any multiplayer modes at this point", he said.

As for the core game, Walker says that Half-Life: Alyx players will follow a "hand-crafted, meticulously designed path" with interesting spaces, where they'll have more than one way to navigate the situation. The fun starts immediately though, and weapon reloading never sounded this fun. 

"Alyx's pistol has a multi-step process to reload it, and we see almost all players starting out fairly clunky, doing each step in isolation, but after a bit of practice they start to blend it together. Soon it becomes one single, smooth process, after which we often see them start to put a bit of flair into their movement. But eventually they find themselves having to do it while a zombie is right in front of them, and it all goes to hell", he said.

Interestingly, Valve relied on SteamVR data on average session lengths and designed Half-Life: Alyx accordingly, but it turned out that testers were doing much longer sessions than they expected - around 2-3 hours before bathroom breaks. Note that more factors go into this, and even controller straps can make a big difference.

Valve Two hands from a VR perspective in Half-Life: Alyx Half-Life: Alyx, looks fun!

The rest of Half-Life: Alyxexperience is just as you're used to in HL games, meaning you can save and pick up from anywhere in the game. As for multiplayer - we now have two things from Valve we really want to see.

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