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Half-Life remake is almost complete, final act Xen coming 2019

Published: 18:13, 20 November 2018
picture showing Black Mesa title
Black Mesa Xen

A fan-made remake of Half-Life dubbed Black Mesa will finally get the last Xen act in 2019. Fourteen years after a group of fans revealed their project, the full remake on Source engine will be fully playable from start to finish.

Valve's iconic title Half-Life is celebrating its 20th birthday. That's two decades since we've experienced one of greatest things gaming had to offer. To celebrate the anniversary, a group of fans working on the Half-Life remake dubbed Black Mesa have revealed a new trailer for their project. It's the show off for Xen, the last chapter in the game.

That means we're finally getting something that players have been craving for a long time - a full Half-Life remake with better graphics, sound, combat mechanics and many other improvements. The game was already available as an early access title on Steam, but some parts were missing and players never get to experience the full story. 

The developer had to delay Xen couple of times which was originally set for December 2017 release, but judging by the trailer it was worth the wait. The Xen trailer looks like an impressive effort from the team that counts thirteen members. Some substantial improvements have been made on lighting, particles and overall textures, along with an amazing looking colour palette which makes the alien world of Xen look like an acid trip.

Youtube picture showing a cave in black mesa: xen Black Mesa: Xen

Xen chapter is "largely original work" and it can be completed in six hours. The team wanted to create their own version of Xen that feels both fresh and familiar to Half-Life fans. The work on the content is done and now they're looking to fix bugs and polish the game before its full release, which will come in Q2 2019. 

Black Mesa was announced back in 2004. The original plan was to release the game on Counter Strike's Source engine version before the team decided to switch it for more recent The Orange Box version in 2007. The game is now running on the new 2013 Source engine version. You can check out the recreation of Xen

Half-Life fan-made remake Black Mesa is coming 2019

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